Weddings, parties and functions catered for.  Soloists and Bands available for functions and parties


Children: We provide a comprehensive music method for talented students, in order to fast track them to success. This is a three streamed, fast track programme and requires parental support and lots of practice to achieve fast results. 
If you are interested in your child reaching grade 8 by the end of primary school, then follow our method in order to achieve very fast progress and exam results. 
Students start lessons aged 4, and take the grade 1 exam around the age of five. Students are auditioned for a prodigy place, which involves passing three grades per year. The average with other, less concise tutors is one ABRSM grade per year.

Please see our wide range of tuition videos on our 'Musical Prodigy Tuition' page on Facebook, and our 'Musical Prodigy Tuition'  Youtube channel and Instagram page.

After Grade 8, secondary school students can proceed to Diploma level exams, so they are even more highly qualified. Some then go on to study at the Royal Conservatoires, others onto the West End, Popular music or other pathways.

Adults: Learn quickly in the comfort of your own home, or in our studio, using your computer to have live 1-1 lessons or follow a range of tuition programmes and printable on our webinars. 

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Congratulations on Winter 2018 exam results to:

Aysha Grade 8 Singing (Festtrack, completed in one term, start to finish)
Xaviella Distinction Grade 8 Piano
Marco Merit Grade 8 Piano
Alex Merit Grade 6 Piano
Joseph Merit Grade 5 Piano Fasttrack (one grade per term)
Marcus Merit Grade 5 Piano Fasttrack (one grade per term)
Anaiya Distinction Grade 1 Singing Fastrack (one grade per term)

Other congratulations to:
Maddison Henderson for reaching the final of Teenstar singing competition, watch below

Look forward to seeing you soon, and happy practising!


Well done to Brendan Emmanuel for 1st place in Under 17 class at Ruislip, Northwood Festival for his performance of the Ravel Sonatine. 

Well done to Xaviella for Bronze Medal at the Ruislip Northwood Festival

Well done to Kheyan, Brendan and Harleen (photo above) for winning their classes in the Hounslow Festival 

Well done to Xaviella, Catherine, Wenru, Cassandra and Brendan for winning their classes at the Ruislip Northwood Festival 2016

Well done to Wenru and Xaviella for winning the duet competition