We provide a comprehensive music method for talented children, in order to fast track them to success. This is a three streamed, fast track programme and requires parental support and lots of practice to achieve our fast results. 

If you are interested in your child reaching grade 8 by the end of primary school, then follow our method in order to achieve very fast progress and exam results. Students start lessons aged 4, and take the grade 1 exam around the age of five. Students are auditioned for the top stream, which involves three grades per year. The average with other teachers is one grade per year.
After Grade 8, secondary school students can proceed to Diploma level exams. Some then go on to study at the Royal Conservatoires, others onto the West End, Popular music or other pathways.

Please see our wide range of tuition videos on our 'Musical Prodigy Tuition' page on Facebook, and our 'Musical Prodigy Tuition' Youtube channel and Instagram page.

Terms and Conditions:
1. Parents are invoiced and pay monthly for forty-two lessons per year, as per the term dates page on this site, and random dates during the holidays. Lessons are paid by standing order on the first of the month.
2. Theory grade 5 crash courses also take place during holiday periods, at the wish of parents.
3. In the case of a student being ill, a catchup lesson can be arranged, as long as 24 hours prior notice is given. This does not include the common cold, unless the student is a singer. Other instrumentalists are expected to attend as usual. In the case of sudden, severe accident and/or hospitalisation a refund will be given within 24 hours.
4. In the case of a tutor being ill, a catchup lesson will be arranged at a mutually convenient time.
5. Students attend studio lessons on their own; DBS checks are available to view at the consultation lesson. In the case of your own home, please provide a quiet space for the student to learn undisturbed.
6. Exam and festival fees should be paid as per invoice in advance of deadlines given by the tutor in order for students to be entered. If fee deadlines are missed then parents must do the exam or festival entry themselves.
7. Adult students can have a much more flexible lesson booking arrangement around work commitments, agreed in advance by both parties.