Exam entry

Spring 2019 exams:

Ealing Green Church Halls, W5 5QT (Park in the Ealing Broadway Centre round the corner, arrive at least 10 min before exam time for warmup. Wear gloves to keep fingers warm, or a scarf for your throat if a singer. Bring a bottle of water into the exam room ONLY IF YOU ARE A SINGER)

Monday 25th March 2019 - arrive 10 min before for warmup room, and take your list of pieces to hand to the examiner

Saffron   Singing   G6   10.39
Joseph   Singing   G1   11.30
Sofia       Singing   G1   11.43
Anaiya    Singing   G2   11.56
Faith       Piano       G4   12.11
Zach       Piano       G5   12.26
Andrea   Piano       G4   12.41
Keisha    Piano      G7    14.05
Keira       Piano      G7    14.30
Arman    Piano       G5    14.55
Paola      Piano       G5   15.12
Fred        Piano       G1   16.00
Adam      Piano      G1    16.12
Aishria   Piano       G1    16.24

Results take around a month to arrive online, after which we will send to you.

Congratulations on Winter 2017 exam results to:

Saffron Adey Distinction Grade 3 Singing
Zach Fernandes Distinction Grade 3 Piano
Sophia Haider Distinction Grade 3 Piano
Joseph Ip Distinction Grade 3 Piano
Marcus Ip Distinction Grade 3 Piano
Grace Wilson Distinction Grade 2 Singing
Suhani Aggarwal Merit Grade 2 Singing
Tamara Aluware Merit Grade 1 Singing
Rohan Michhiana Merit Grade 2 Piano
Ionie Morris Merit Grade 3 Piano
Krish Thakkrar Merit Grade 3 Piano
Dayna Velani Merit Grade 6 Piano

Congratulations on Summer 2017 Exam Results to:

Roza Arany-Toth - Distinction Grade 2 Piano
Joseph Ip - Distinction Grade 2 Piano
Marcus Ip- Distinction Grade 2 Piano
Saffron Adey - Distinction Grade 2 Singing
Suhani Aggarawal - Merit Grade 1 Singing
Rajeewa Basnayake- Merit Grade 1 Piano
Callum Chadwick- Merit Grade 4 Piano
Faith Devaruban - Merit Grade 2 Piano
Zachariah Fernandes- Merit Grade 2 Piano
Kushi Tamada - Merit Grade 3 Piano
Sumit Tamada - Merit Grade 2 Piano
Jordan Chambers - Pass Grade 5 Piano
Celina Mann- Pass Grade 1 singing

Congratulations on Spring 2017 exam results to:

Brendan Emmanuel - for a superb Merit in his ARSM Diploma, aged 14, and Abirame Sritharan and Simran Patel for excellent Grade 8 passes!
Roza Arany-Toth - Distinction Grade 1
Xaviella Fernandes- Distinction Grade 6
Keira Fernando - Distinction Grade 5
Sofia Haider - Distinction Grade 2
Marcus Ip- Distinction Grade 1
Joseph Ip - Distinction Grade 1
Ionie Morris -Distinction Grade 2
Zachariah Fernandes - Merit Grade 1
John McCartney- Merit Grade 2 Piano
Kushi Tamada - Merit Grade 2
Esha Thakrar- Merit Grade 2 Piano
Jaidon Wilkie - Merit Grade 1

Festival Congratulations to:

Brendan Emmanuel for the Jazz trophy at the Ealing Festival, May 2017
Marcus Ip for the Grade 2 prize at the Ealing Festival, May 2017

Other congratulations to:
Maddison Henderson for reaching the final of Teenstar singing competition, watch below

Dates for your diary : (please see term dates

Well done to Brendan Emmanuel for 1st place in Under 17 class at Ruislip, Northwood Festival for his performance of the Ravel Sonatine. 

Well done to Xaviella Fernandes for Bronze Medal at the Ruislip Northwood Festival

Well done to Kheyan Patel, Brendan Emmanual and Harleen Dhadwal (photo above) for winning their classes in the Hounslow Festival 2016

Well done to Xaviella Fernandes, Catherine Li, Wenru Du, Cassandra Emmanuel and Brendan Emmanuel for winning their classes at the Ruislip Northwood Festival 2016

Well done to Wenru and Xaviella for winning the duet competition

Theory 2018 :

New ABRSM theory exams will commence in January 2018 with no rollover. There will be more multiple choice questions and other traditional questions such as melody writing will be removed. 

November 2017 will therefore be the last entry of the old theory syllabus.