Results from Ealing Festival:

Brendan Emmanuel Jazz prize/overall Jazz trophy

Marcus Ip Winner, Grade 2 medal

Faith Devaruban Highly commended

Dayna Velani Highly Commended

Kushi Tamada Highly Commended

Results from Ruislip Northwood Festival at John Lyon School, Middle Road, Harrow-on-the-Hill HA2 0HN

Aaliyah     Class 145B  Piano 7 years                    2nd Silver medal

Abirame    Class 137    Piano 14 years closed      Commended

Alex O       Class 139B  Piano Grade 2                   Commended

Brendan    Class 131    Beethoven                         Winner, Distinction

Brendan    Class 137    14 years closed class       Highly Commended

Callum       Class 139B Piano Grade 2                   2nd, Highly Commended

Cassandra Class 136   Piano 10 and under          Winner, gold medal

Catherine Class 112    Piano 7 years                     Winner, gold medal

Catherine Class 305    Versatility 12 years           2nd, Highly Commended

Jaidon       Class 145A Piano 7 years                     2nd, Silver Medal

Jeevan      Class 139D Piano Grade 4                    Highly Commended

Kishan       Class 136A  Piano 8 years Closed       Highly Commended

Pritika       Class 139A  Piano Grade 1                   Highly Commended           

Rohan       Class 139D  Piano Grade 4                   Highly Commended

Sahib        Class 139A   Piano Grade 1                   13th March 15.20

Sujin         Class 139D  Piano Grade 4                   2nd, Commended

Wenru & Xaviella 161   Piano duet 8 years          Winners, gold medal

Wenru      Class 114      9 years and under           Winner, gold medal

Xaviella     Class 139D  Piano Grade 4                  Winner, gold medal

Xaviella     Class 139 D Piano Grade 4                  Winner, gold medal

West London Piano Festival Autumn 2015

Congratulations to Catherine  Li -Overall Festival Childrens Corner Cup Recital Winner, recital on 6th December 2015.